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Why buy from The Fan Cave?

The Fan Cave prides itself on reputation and authenticity. In a modern world where opportunity can lead unscrupulous individuals to sell fake products at auctions and online auction sites, we strive to provide the best authenticity. Below are answers to various common questions.

What’s the History of The Fan Cave?

The Fan Cave is part of Redtooth Memorabilia Ltd based at Barlborough. Redtooth Memorabilia originated from a Steel City Memorabilia and Redtooth Entertainments idea of creating a new company in 2018. Steel City was one of the North’s best memorabilia companies holding private signings with various sporting personalities, Redtooth Entertainment has been operating for over 20 years and is one of the biggest entertainment companies in the country. Both with a keen interest in providing authentic memorabilia to customers and with a keen ambition to become the UKs number 1 memorabilia company, it made sense to work together to achieve our aim.

How do we acquire our signatures?

We hold private paid signings with a wide array of individuals across the sport, music, TV and film industries. We also work with Football league and Premier league clubs to ensure we can provide the best products.

We do work with a very small amount of trusted memorabilia dealers whose reputation surpasses them to ensure that we can provide a wider range of authentic products. These individuals have the best reputations in the UK and all autographs are gained in person or at private paid signings.

Do you buy from the public?

No, we don’t under any circumstances. 

What authenticity do you provide?

We provide a COA (certificate of authenticity) with every item we sell. The COA is only as good as the company providing it.

In a world of forgeries people can be blinded with a COA! We ensure 100% authenticity with every item. We are not an anonymous seller, we have a store in one of the UKs biggest shopping centres, our head office address is available and our contact number is on the website. We will answer any queries, provide any details and make sure you can buy with 100% confidence.

The reason for our success in such a short period is because our products/autographs are of the highest quality!

Why do your items cost more?

This is simple. It’s because they are authentic! Not only are our autographs 100% genuine, we also frame all our items in house. Our framers are some of the best in the UK, we only use high quality wooden frames. We wont under any circumstances use plastic moulding frames or cheap wooden frames. The reason for this is to ensure the products purchased from us are the highest quality and worth every penny.

Are you members of AFTAL?

Yes we are members of AFTAL, we are member 204. But for us the fact we work with Premier League, Championship, League 1, League 2 football clubs, hold private signings with TV and Film stars and occupy one of the biggest memorabilia retail outlets in the UK in a major shopping centre should give customers all the reassurance they need!

Import Taxes?

Please note that customers are responsible for paying their own import taxes which may be incurred on goods when sending items to non-UK addresses. If you wish to use your own shipping company or broker, or to pick your items up in person, this can be arranged by contacting our live chat.

Im organising a charity event, can you donate an item?

The Fan Cave will always do its best to help charities raise as much funds as possible, our parent company FCG Ltd take care of this on our behalf. We regularly assist with fundraising through our products where possible. For any questions please contact our live chat on the website.

Are the shirts you use real or fakes? 

We only use official club shirts for our signings, there are a lot of dealers who want to cut corners and use the fake imports! We do not do this! All shirts are as real as the autographs.

What are ‘Fan Style Numbers’?

We are more recently using Fan Style numbers on the back of our shirts because it helps with our signings. We are aware some people prefer the EFL or Premier league logos on the numbers as seen on TV. But sometimes we simply cant  get hold of the numbers, also logistically its easier to take numbers to signing and have them applied to the shirts after. Either way we will continue to bring you the best signings!

Who does your framing?

All our framing is done in house by our team of full time framers. We are lucky to have such a wonderful team and offer bespoke pieces on request. 

Do you have a shop?

Yes we do, you can find our store in Meadowhall shopping centre, Sheffield. We also have a warehouse which you can arrange to visit by appointment to view our products. If you would like any details about our store, contact Andy (store manager) via the live chat on our website.

I am a Memorabilia dealer and would like to work with The Fan Cave, can I? 

The Fan Cave works with a small amount of dealers who have a fantastic reputation, if you are interested please feel free to contact Ryan via email on